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No Gap Check-up & Clean -- The Way We Say Thank You to Our Patients

Healthy mouth, healthy body. Here at Knoxfield Dental Care, we believe the way to a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth.
To ensure all patients can achieve quality oral health care, we offer an affordable comprehensive no gap check-up and clean. This is the way we say thank you to all our patients for referring their families and friends to us. Our clinic does not spend a lot of money on marketing, therefore all these benefits go back to our lovely patients for helping us build up our clinic.
The no gap check-up and clean includes:
• Comprehensive Exam
• Clean and Polish
• Fluoride Treatment
• Unlimited X-rays
• OPG if needed (full mouth X-ray)
• Treatment Plan
While this offer is available with any health insurance, we want to ensure all patients have the same access to our care and offer $189 deal for the same package to patients without health insurance.
Our goal at Knoxfield dental is to keep you and your family on the right path to high-quality dental care. To ensure this goal is met we encourage all of our patients to take advantage of your health insurance and visit us at least once every six months to ensure your smile is in good health and prevent bigger health issues from arising.
Make your appointment today with one of our gentle and experienced dentists and make you and your families' oral health a number one priority.

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We aim to provide high quality dental services for each individual patient in a comfortable and caring environment.

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