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We understand that there is nothing worse than having a bad toothache, and we know that toothache comes without warning.

Therefore, we always endeavour to accommodate emergency appointment. We will listen to you and do whatever we can to get you out of pain. Usually a toothache may involve one of two treatment options:
1) Root Canal Treatment
When a tooth is infected, root canal treatment is a great way to preserve the tooth. This is where remove the infection from inside the tooth and seal the tooth back up so that the infection does not return.
Due to the advances in technology, having a root canal procedure is a lot more comfortable and quicker these days.
For some teeth, a crown is needed after root canal treatment. This is where we put a gold or ceramic cap over the tooth to make the tooth strong again.
2) Tooth Removal
For those who may find root canal treatments cost prohibitive, the alternative is to get the nasty tooth removed.
In our practice, all tooth removal is done under local anaesthesia, and we do make sure the area is fully numb before we do anything!
Make your appointment today with one of our gentle and experienced dentists and make you and your families' oral health a number one priority.

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