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We believe that healthy teeth and healthy development is a lifelong habit

The most important time to start this process is when a young child makes their first visit to the dentist.
At Knoxfield Dental Care, we strongly believe in prevention and empowering parents with useful information which will greatly benefit the child’s dental and overall development.
However, we understand that sometimes a dental practice may be a daunting place for a young child, which is why we make every effort to make your child at ease when they come to us. Our practice is very kids friendly with toys, No Cavity Club, Certificate of Bravery, gift bags, and most importantly, dentist and staff who are patient, caring and know how to communicate with your children! As your child’s dentist, we feel that we also have the responsibility to encourage your child to develop a life-long habit to look after their teeth.
At Knoxfield Dental Care, our dentists do not only examine your child’s teeth, also having done extra courses in the ENT area, they check children’s lips, tongue and airways as well to ensure that there are no airway obstructions, tongue tie or mouth breathing problems. A nice and clear airway ensures your children are getting a good night’s sleep and developing their full potential.

Make your appointment today with one of our gentle and experienced dentists and make you and your families' oral health a number one priority.

We Are a Professional Practice
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