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Myobrace and Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Early orthodontic treatment (also called pre-orthodontic treatment) normally starts around the age of 8 to 9. This is a great time as the teeth, jaw and facial tissues are still developing, therefore certain bite problems can be corrected whereas it would be far more difficult later on when a child has stopped growing. Early treatment can also help to make room for permanent teeth, which reduces the chance of extractions in the future.
Myobrace treatment for children is a form of early orthodontics that can help your child achieve beautiful straighter teeth as their jaw develops. Myobrace is a teeth straightening approach that involves no-braces, it makes use of myofunctional orthodontic techniques that can assist in preventing poor oral habits that children may have at a young age (such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing) which can affect how teeth and jaw develop resulting in crooked teeth. The main advantage of Myobrace treatment is that it is a more natural approach, less painful and can be started at an early stage thus eliminating the potential for crooked teeth and extensive orthodontic treatment later in life.
The general dental guideline recommends that every child between the ages of 7 to 9 have an orthodontic evaluation, especially if your child has the following:
• Mouth breathing
• Persistent thumb sucking
• Teeth that stick out
• Teeth that do not bite together properly
• Severely crooked teeth

What cause orthodontic problems?
This can be a controversial topic. Normally we tend to think that crooked teeth are only due to genetics or “bad luck”, however, now we know that there are other factors such as thumb sucking or mouth breathing. Therefore, we strongly believe that prevention starts from a child’s infancy. Parents should help children eliminate bad habits like thumb sucking and look for signs of airway obstructions such as regular snoring, teeth grinding, or chronic mouth breathing.
Most orthodontic treatments start when children lose all their baby teeth, normally around the age of 13. However, most children would have stopped growing by this age. Orthodontic treatments at this stage are complex and may involve extractions or surgeries to get a pleasing aesthetic outcome. Having treatment early (if indicated) can help a child develop a more natural facial appearance and reduce the chances of extractions or surgeries in the future.
With the development of orthodontic technologies and techniques, early orthodontic treatment has become more common. Techniques include expanders, headgears and myofunctional appliances such as Myobrace.
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