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Everyone knows what plaque is.

That sticky film which builds up on your teeth during the day. It causes tooth decay, possibly the most common issue with our teeth. Through eating sugary food, and less dental hygiene, plaque builds up on our teeth and if left untreated, will decay our teeth.
If left untreated, decay can lead to a number of problems. Tooth ache, weakened and cracked teeth, and the decay of nerves, which can lead to even bigger problems.
Luckily, decay can be easily treated, if caught soon enough. Regular check-ups with your family dentist is a perfect way to keep plaque and decay under control, with thorough cleaning, minor fillings, and teeth whitening, all ways we can help.
Or, if you want to book in for a check-up right now, follow this link and have one of our friendly dentists check your smile at our Knoxfield Dental Care, located in the City of Knox.

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