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Dentistry with a Personal Touch

Our vision is to provide personalised and friendly customer service with the aim of developing a strong rapport with our clients.
We pride ourselves on always providing our clients with all the information and treatment options. This empowers clients to make an informed decision to meet their individual needs.
Our staff regularly attend professional development courses as we are committed to constantly improving our clinical knowledge. This allows us to provide the highest quality dental care for our clients by utilizing the latest skills and technologies.

Personalized Attention

No one likes visiting a dental clinic where you feel you are treated like a number, where the dentist is hopping around from room to room, or even worse where you never know which dentist you are seeing until you turn up. That’s not what we would want, so at Knoxfield Dental Care, we set aside the time to focus 100% on you.
Every treatment recommendation we make for you is what we would choose for ourselves and family. What we do is looking at your teeth and giving you straightforward advice, different treatment options and the associated advantages and disadvantages. You will not feel like being pressured to do anything but have all the right information to choose the best treatment for your own needs.

Knoxfield Dental Care is a Growing Dental Clinic
Offering a Comprehensive Range of Dental Services.

We aim to provide high quality dental services for each individual patient in a comfortable and caring environment.

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